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Marvel Has Trademarked A Very Special Character For A TV Or Film Appearance In The Near Future

Another Marvel hero.



I think if we can have a talking Raccoon, a giant tree man, and a guy who hangs out with ants coming to the big screen for Marvel, it’s time we start to look towards some of the odder corners of their history for some fresh characters. That’s where Squirrel Girl comes in, the latest name to be thrown around via trademark by Marvel for future use in their massive movie initiative.

If you aren’t familiar with this fan favorite, you might want to head over to Wikipedia for a refresher. Most know that she’s a member of the Great Lakes Avengers and quite the formidable opponent, but there’s more to explore there. From Bleeding Cool:

Created by Spider-Man co-creator, Steve Ditko, she has becme a fan favourite of later after being championed by Dan Slott – and then kidnapped by Brian Bendis as an ex-lover…

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